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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mets Rumors: No Hairston, Mets Looking at Bourn to upgrade outfield

Free agent Scott Hairston, whose power from the right side made him a potential fit for both the Mets and the Yankees, has agreed to a two-year deal with the Cubs.

But the Mets reportedly have moved on, exploring the idea of signing Michael Bourn.

The free-agent centerfielder may still remain out of the Mets' price range. But the Mets, according to a Daily News report, are working to clear one major hurdle that stands in the way of any agreement with Bourn.

By rule, the Mets would have to surrender their 11th overall draft pick in June as compensation if they were to sign Bourn.

However, the top 10 picks in the draft are protected by rule, and the Mets are looking to see if their pick qualifies for protection because it originally was within the top 10. The Mets were bumped out of the top 10 only after the Pirates were awarded a draft pick as compensation for not signing first-rounder Mark Appel last year.

But even if the Mets get their draft pick protected, Bourn may prove to be out of their price range....

Mets could use a lead off guy that gets on base and steals bases, remember the more times your team is in scoring position the more runs you can possibly score, period...

But the Mets lack a right-handed bat to compensate David Wright in the Lineup... Upton would be a better fit, but looks as though the Mets are out of reach..

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