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Monday, December 03, 2012

Rumor Mill: Mets Meet with eight teams including the Red Sox about Dickey

Bradley Jr.
According to Adam Rubin of ESPN NY, the Mets met with eight teams Monday about R.A. Dickey.

The suitors include the Boston Red Sox.  Red Sox GM Ben Cherington and Alderson met Monday afternoon, with New York looking for top Red Sox prospects -  outfielder Jackie Bradley Jr. and shortstop Xander Boegarts in exchange for the Cy Young Award winner.

However, it's unlikely the Red Sox would part with those two prospects.

Boegarts is ranked #1 in the organization and Bradley is ranked #3.

Alderson insisted he had not resolved to trade Dickey, nor would he say the momentum had moved appreciably in that direction. Still, the GM added, he had not even spoken with Bo McKinnis, Dickey's agent, since arriving in Nashville.

Alderson added about the trade talks: "Everything we did today was preliminary. We've met with several clubs on a variety of topics -- not just R.A. We expect to do that the remainder of the afternoon and maybe this evening as well."

He acknowledged also speaking with clubs about left-hander Jonathon Niese.

Alderson said he would be looking for "difference makers" in return for Dickey -- not low Class A prospects. He added that the incoming player would not necessarily have to be an outfielder or catcher -- the two areas of most glaring need for the club.

"What we've tried to say to ourselves is that we have to get back difference makers," Alderson said. "It doesn't have to be a catcher. It doesn't have to be an outfielder. It doesn't have to be anything. But it has to be a difference-maker. Because R.A. is a difference-maker."

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