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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Once Greinke signs somewhere, We will know Dickey's fate

Free agent pitcher Zack Greinke, the 29-year-old right-hander who, by the end of these meetings, may end up the richest pitcher in history.

He is being wooed by the Rangers, Nationals, Red Sox, Angels, Royals, Tigers, Padres and, of course, the Dodgers -  who have become the Yankees of the National League.  Many of those teams if they shut of out the Greinke sweepstakes will turn lower tier pitchers like Kyle Lohse or Anibal Sanchez.. Other teams will look to trade alternatives including pitchers  Dickey, Price, Shields...

That puts Sandy Alderson in a better position to raise the price or get what he has asked for already in a Dickey trade without breaking a sweat..

So while many are waiting for R.A. Dickey to get traded or wonder why it has been taking so long, there is your answer...

The Mets have laid the ground work to teams to say, "Dickey is Available ", "What do you have to offer?"  Now they just wait to see..

Evidence of this process was brought to my attention by Jeff Passan of CBS Sports... "The sentiment from more than a dozen executives and agents was consistent.. The rest of the pitching market is frozen until Greinke signs..."

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