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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Commentary: Are the Mets Scrap-heaping in 2013?

Holiday Greetings to all!  Here is my Holiday Rant!

The New York Mets have done nothing but trade the NL Cy-Young R.A. Dickey, which I thought was a much needed move here. We got back the possible Piazza-ish catcher the Mets have lacked over the years.. The Mets also have a immediate future of   Wheeler, Niese, Harvey, Syndergaard, Gee which looks good.  But now the Mets in 2013 need at least a fifth starter...

The trade of Syndergaard looks good even though made inappropriate comments, his talent much warranted..

Scouting Report:
The towering Syndergaard spent all of 2012 in A-level Lansing, striking out 122 batters in 103 innings while racking up an eye-opening 1.08 WHIP. The move to New York means he's no longer a sleeper candidate, and now that he's an NL talent, he's even more appealing. 

When this imposing righthander arrives, it'll be thanks to the plus command he shows with his decent 94mph fastball and near-plus curve. Of course, as with any young pitcher, it'll be the quality of his developing change that will determine whether he's an ace or a middle-of-the-pack starter a year or two from now. He should see AA action in 2013. 

But when are the Mets going to make a statement move towards 2013 besides locking up David Wright, which was the right (no pun intended) thing to do..

The Mets have been scarp-heaping here in all departments...
  • The outfield market is getting soaked up with Cody Ross going to Diamondbacks... That gives the Diamondbacks a overload in the outfield and possible swap for a outfielder.. I would not mind the Mets to pull a trade for Justin Upton..or even Jason Kubel, we need it..  So far the Mets at best have Cowgill, Nieuwenhuis, Duda.. The Mets logical option might be having to give Hairston a two year deal or else whats the next best move Grady Sizemore? Come On.. We can go better than that!
  • The starting pitching front has not looked great for the Mets either.. I thought the Mets might of had a shot at Francisco Liriano, but again $14 Million out of their league.. I hope the Mets, do not, I repeat, I DO NOT want to see Carl Pavano in the Blue + Orange... Shawn Marcum would not mind seeing..
  • Other than that, the bullpen needs major upgrading or else we will see Bobby Parnell and a cast of Familia, Mejia, Francisco..The Mets are waiting, what are we waiting for?
Sandy can we make some moves please....

So Far this off-season makes want to believe in the NY Mets for 2013, but all the uncertainty to who is going to be on this roster and all this waiting is driving me nuts..  Mets Fans might have to see 2014 till big things happen.. In 2013 the Braves, Nationals look better on paper while the Mets look at least third to fourth in the division at this point.

Happy Holidays Mets Fans

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