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Monday, October 01, 2012

Mets Fan Poll Results: Who Should the Mets Trade this Off-Season?

Mets Fans Want Him Outta Here!
We have a Mets Fan Poll Still Open : Who Should the Mets Trade in the Off-Season ?

We Have Some Results:

Johan Santana ( 32%)
Lucas Duda (21%)
Daniel Murphy (17%)
David Wright (13%)
Ike Davis (9%)
R.A. Dickey (8%)

Some Comments from Mets Fans:

Angelo Says: First get rid of the Wilpons. then bring in Wally to work with all those young players. David Wright seems like a great guy, but i would use him in a package trade. he is not a clutch or power hitter any more. take Wright, and whom ever another team would want , as long as Jason Bay is included in the package for what ever you could get in return. why is Bud Selig doing what ever he can to help the Wilpons ? they are killing the fan base in the biggest city for baseball with their financial problems . they have no right owning this team. I only have three words for the Wilpons ...please sell, sell.

Ramon Says: Duda, Santana, Bay, Havens, McHugh, either Mejia or Familia (probably Mejia), Marte, Lutz, Tovar, and any of our many many pitching prospects.


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