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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Dickey Ranked Number One to Win NL Cy Young

According to ESPN's Cy Young Predictor, R.A. Dickey still is ranked #1 to win the NL Cy Young by a small margin in which Gio Gonzalez trails him.. To make Dickey's case, he has more innings pitched, strikeouts, games, and a lower ERA, but has one less win than Gonzalez..

The one thing that Gonzalez has over Dickey (whether the voting media takes it into consideration) is on a team that has made it to the post season.

Still all and all for a knuckle-ball pitcher he has numbers like he was throwing in the mid 90's all summer.. Unbelievable accomplishment for R.A., He has my vote..

2012 Cy Young Predictor - NL
1R.A. DickeyNYM189.03433233.2712300320-62.730
2Gio GonzalezWSH187.03232199.1642070121-82.8912
3Johnny CuetoCIN163.73333217.0671700019-92.780
4Craig KimbrelATL158.563062.271164203-11.010
5Matt CainSF157.93232219.1681930216-52.790
6Cole HamelsPHI156.63131215.1732160217-63.050
7Aroldis ChapmanCIN153.068071.2121223805-51.510
8Kyle LohseSTL152.13333211.0671430016-32.860
9Clayton KershawLAD149.63333227.2642290214-92.530
10Jason MotteSTL144.267072.022864204-52.750

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