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Monday, September 24, 2012

Mets Fan Poll: Who should the Mets Trade This Off-season?

The Mets,  who are playing like they don't give a shit must find answers and find them quick. The answers unfortunately will not come this season, but Sandy Alderson has to find resourceful ways to make this team better and competitive in 2013.

The trade market has been much talked about with Ike Davis being the main topic of conversation. The Mets are looking to shop any player who has the most value and who they can get a high return.

I have listed in our latest fan poll some Mets players that I think have some value and that make sense to trade..

The most obvious would have to be David Wright, who would grant a large ransom from other teams and next season will be in a walk year. Ike Davis, who has been talked about recently and Lucas Duda who is stuck between first base and right field.. Of Course only one would go and one would play first.

 R.A. Dickey is having a Cy-Young Caliber season and Daniel Murphy who is a player on the Mets who can hit for average and play multiple positions..

The Mets can also out of the box and trade their ace Johan Santana who will be making a large sum of money next season. Can you say $31 Million?

So Now is your turn, who do you think the Mets should trade this Off-season to make the Mets more competitive in 2013?

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Please Note: That you can vote more than one player!

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