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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Mets Top Prospect Zach Wheeler Promoted to Class- AAA Buffalo

The New York Mets promoted top prospect Zack Wheeler to Triple-A Buffalo this past Wednesday. Wheeler has had an outstanding year in Double-A Binghamton, posting a 10-6 record, with 117 strikeouts and an ERA of 3.26. In nineteen games started this year, Wheeler has only allowed two homers, and 43 walks. His fastball is in the mid to upper 90's, and has an underrated curveball and changeup. His first start is expected to be this Sunday against Syracuse, the highest affiliate with the Washington Nationals. Wheeler's last performance before being promoted was stellar, posting 11 strikeouts over 6.2 innings.

The Mets organization is extremely high on this kid, but they are not going to rush him to the big leagues. GM Sandy Alderson said it was "unlikely" for Wheeler to play in the majors this season, partially because he has a pitch count of about 150 innings, and is currently hovering around 115. The Mets haven't had such a highly touted prospect in a while, and fans have every reason to be excited about him. However, it is key that he is not rushed to the majors, and Alderson is aware of that. Wheeler has dominated in every level thus far, but that doesn't mean he will step in and blow everyone away in Triple-A. I am not saying he won't be effective, all I'm saying is nobody knows. If he struggles, that is no reason to panic because there may be some growing pains. If he dominates, then the Mets know they have something special. It will be interesting to see how Wheeler progresses, and how he performs the rest of the summer will show the Mets exactly where he stands.

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