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Thursday, June 14, 2012

No Hitter Mania : Inside the Numbers

So far this year,  it has been No-Hitter Mania...  Matt Cain's Perfect Game last night marked the 277th (No Hitter) in Major League History..  Johan Santana's No-Hit Bid was the 275th ... It was the 5th No Hitter in 2012 and 14th Since 2010. Some will say this is the year of the no-hitter, but not so. Since 1973 (year I was conceived) there was seven "No hitters" thrown in 1990/91,  Six thrown in 2010. And in 2012,  it marks the third highest yearly total (Five) along with 1973, but this year is not over yet!

Top Ten Teams that have had the most no hitters in MLB History:
  1. Dodgers-20
  2. Red Sox-19
  3. White Sox-18
  4. Reds-15, Indians-15 (2)
  5. Giants-14
  6. Braves-13, Yankees-13 (2)
  7. A's-11
  8. Cubs-10, Astros-10, Phillies-10, Angels-10, Orioles-10 (5)
  9. Cardinals-9
  10. Pirates-7, Twins-7, Tigers-7 (3)

Top Ten Teams that have had no hitters thrown against them in MLB History:
  1. Braves-17, Dodgers-17, Phillies-17 (3)
  2. White Sox-15, Giants-15 (2)
  3. A's-14
  4. Orioles-13, Indians-13, Tigers-13 (3)
  5. Red Sox-12
  6. Twins-10
  7. Reds-9
  8. Cardinals-8, Padres-8 (2)
  9. Angels-7, Yankees-7, Mets-7 (3)
  10. Pirates-6, Cubs-6 (2)
For More references on No Hitters, You Can Visit  ESPN, Wiki-pedia, Baseball Almanac 

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