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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Josh Thole says he is feeling better, might start light exercises soon

Josh Thole returned to Citi Field Tuesday for the first time since suffering a concussion in Philadelphia last week, bringing news both positive and alarming: The catcher has been symptom-free since Friday, but estimated that he has already suffered three or four concussions in his professional career.

“I don’t know the grading system of a concussion, but I got whacked pretty good in ’07 and ’08,” said Thole, 25. “The one in 2007 I think was more significant, just because I had vomiting and stuff like that. In 2008, it was more whiplash than anything, but I think it was still graded a concussion.”

The catcher, on the seven-day disabled list, hoped to be cleared for light exercise shortly. he also expressed optimism that this concussion was not severe. Still, he stressed caution, and mindfulness of the potential severity of head injuries.

“It’s something that you don’t want to rush back into,” he said. “You want to definitely build back up. You just want to listen to what the doctor has to say.”

Collins said that Thole would need at least one minor league rehabilitation game before re-joining the team, but that might not come this week.

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