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Friday, March 09, 2012

Mets Chronicle Poll Results: Mets Wins, Direction of Organization

We have posted polls on Mets Chronicle, the 2 polls that have gotten my attention are the total of wins the Mets will have in 2012 and if Mets fans are happy with the direction the organization.

Mets Fans seem pretty pessimistic about their favorite team. According to our polls, Mets Fans (Majority) think they will only win between 61-80 wins , but there are some that believe the can win between 81-90 (which I am in that minority). Mets Fans apparently are not happy with the direction of the organization (66%). I guess that would have a lot to do with the loss of Jose Reyes and the major decrease in payroll ($50 Million)..

Here are the results:

How many wins do you think the Mets will have in 2012?

Selection   Votes 
Under 60 Wins  8% 38 
61-70 Wins  27% 137 
71-80 Wins  37% 186 
81-90 Wins  24% 120 
91-100 Wins  3% 13 
Over 100 Wins  1% 5 
499 votes total

Are you happy with the direction of the Mets organization?

Selection Votes 
Yes  34% 58 
NO  66% 114 
172 votes total

Please continue to vote in our polls on our right side bar...Thanks for your support!

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