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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mets Chronicle Fan Poll: Who are you routing for in court?

Tomorrow is a big day in court for the Wilpon Family and all Mets fans will be watching for the result.

Judge Rakoff earlier this month determined that Picard may recover up to $83 million in fraudulent profits that Wilpon, Katz and their associates gained from dealings with Madoff. The plaintiff is seeking as much as $303 million more, which will be decided upon by the jury.

Last week, Rakoff ordered that the defendants and not the plaintiff will have the burden of proof, meaning lawyers for the defendants will be charged with proving Wilpon and Katz knew nothing of Madoff's illegal investments and that there were no warning signs they ignored.

Many Mets Fans have expressed that they would like to see the Wilpon Family fall on their face and be forced to sell the team by MLB. Many like myself just hope this suit goes away like a bad wort and the Mets can continue with their plan that is in place and just be back to playing baseball.

Here is your chance to vote in our Mets Fan Poll Below:

Who are you routing for in court?

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As in all our polls, they will be in right side bar for your voting pleasure, Enjoy!

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