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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Updated odds to win 2012 World Series, NL/AL Pennants

Odds to Win 2012 World Series by Vegas Insider

The Phillies lead every team in the MLB with 9/2 odds.. The Yankees are behind them with 6/1 odds, and the Angels with Mr. Pujols are 8/1.. The Mets are a 100/1 Long Shot and Mr. Reyes and Mr. Ramirez in Miami are still 30/1 long shots as well..

Team                  Odds
Philadelphia Phillies-9/2
New York Yankees-6/1
Los Angeles Angels-8/1
Boston Red Sox-8/1
Texas Rangers-8/1
Detroit Tigers-10/1
San Francisco Giants-15/1
Tampa Bay Rays-15/1
Atlanta Braves-15/1
St Louis Cardinals-20/1
Cincinnati Reds-20/1
Arizona Diamondbacks-20/1
Kansas City Royals-30/1
Milwaukee Brewers-30/1
Washington Nationals-30/1
Chicago Cubs-30/1
Los Angeles Dodgers-30/1
Miami Marlins-30/1
Colorado Rockies-40/1
Toronto Blue Jays-40/1
Cleveland Indians-60/1
Minnesota Twins-80/1
Pittsburgh Pirates-100/1
New York Mets-100/1
Chicago White Sox-100/1
Seattle Mariners-100/1
Baltimore Orioles-100/1
San Diego Padres-150/1
Oakland Athletics-200/1
Houston Astros-300/1

Odds to Win 2012 National League Pennant

The Phillies lead th NL by a large margin, followed surprisingly by the Braves, Giants, and Reds.. The Marlins are a 14/1 shot, with the Mets 40/1 long shots.. 

Team                   Odds
Philadelphia Phillies-17/10
Atlanta Braves-7/1
San Francisco Giants-7/1
St Louis Cardinals-9/1
Cincinnati Reds-9/1
Arizona Diamondbacks-9/1
Milwaukee Brewers-14/1
Miami Marlins-14/1
Los Angeles Dodgers-14/1
Chicago Cubs-14/1
Washington Nationals-14/1
Colorado Rockies-18/1
Pittsburgh Pirates-40/1
New York Mets-40/1
Houston Astros-60/1
San Diego Padres-125/1

Odds to Win 2012 American League Pennant

The Yankees lead by a large number followed by the Angels and Red Sox...

Team                  Odds
New York Yankees-11/4
Los Angeles Angels-4/1
Boston Red Sox-4/1
Texas Rangers-4/1
Detroit Tigers-5/1
Tampa Bay Rays-15/2
Kansas City Royals-15/1
Toronto Blue Jays-20/1
Cleveland Indians-30/1
Minnesota Twins-40/1
Baltimore Orioles-45/1
Seattle Mariners-45/1
Chicago White Sox-45/1
Oakland Athletics-80/1

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