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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mets SS Ruben Tejada expected in camp Friday or Saturday

Even though Ruben Tejada is not in camp, his status on the team is not in doubt. Once he arrives, he will be the club’s starting shortstop. But since he isn’t here, and since Collins is open about his own “selfishness” in wanting his players to be here, Tejada’s absence is notable.

“I take great pride in the game itself, and respecting the game itself,” Collins said. “And I wish everybody had the same respect for it, that they wanted to get started as early as possible.”

Tejada, 22, has yet to obtain his visa to travel to the United States. He will visit the embassy in Panama on Thursday, both the Mets and Tejada’s camp confirmed. He is expected to arrive either on Friday or Saturday. The Mets insist they applied for the visa months ago. Tejada was scheduled to go pick up the forms last week, he found the office closed for a holiday. Thus, the delay.

“I know Ruben will come in great shape,” Collins said. “I know he’ll be ready to go. I just wish he was here.”

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