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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

R.A. Dickey is Four Thousand Feet from his goal on his climb of Mount Kilimanjaro

R. A. Dickey, the Mets pitcher, is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro this month to raise awareness for the Bombay Teen Challenge, an organization that rescues and cares for women and girls in Mumbai who are at risk of being abused and exploited. His posts will appear occasionally in New York Times Baseball Section "Bats". Which happens to be a good read..So check it out..

Dickey is 4000 Ft from his goal as he writes:
Speaking of humility, when we first arrived at Barafu, we were witness to two individuals being rescued from their summit attempt due to severe symptoms of altitude sickness. This is a good reminder that although we are so close and can literally see the peak, we are still 4,000 feet away from our goal. We are confident but know that our own summit attempt will be no lay-up.

Tonight at 10:30, we will be awakened to begin our final trek to Uhuru peak, the very top of Kilimanjaro. We are all nervously excited and hopeful that our preparations have been sufficient.

My next entry will hopefully tell the story of a fantastic summit experience and the adversities we overcame to achieve it.
Hope he makes it....He is a Warrior!

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