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Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Tour of Citi Field (Photos)

I Took a Tour of Citi Field Today.. I must say the building looks like it's starting to fall apart, especially in the Jackie Robinson Rotunda. The Marble Floors looked cracked and some even were filled in..  The weather has taken a toll in the rotunda.

Enough of the negativity,  as far as the rest of the tour it was pretty cool. They take you everywhere average fans don't see.. Like the Clubhouse, which I was not able to take pictures (sorry).. The Mets rep told me the Mets Players respect their privacy of their lockers.. The only problem I had with that is none of the lockers were occupied except Mr. Wright's Locker which had a NY Giants Helmet Hanging from it (Good Mets PR).

The rest of the tour was pretty much captured on film below..  I got to take a look at the Caesars' Club, Delta Club, Pressbox, Citi Field Operations Booth,  On Field, In Dugout and last but not least, The Mets Hall of Fame which was a real treat since I never was there since it's opening..

If you would like to reserve you own tour Click Here

Take a look at my pictures and enjoy the slide show!

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