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Monday, January 09, 2012

Mets Great Gary Carter still coaching despite his illness

Gary Carter plans to participate in Palm Beach Atlantic University’s first baseball practice of the season today as the Hall of Fame catcher, who serves as head coach of the Division II team, continues to battle brain cancer.

Carter plans to undergo an MRI on Friday so doctors can get the latest information on their battle with the malignant tumors.

“Dad was such a trooper during the holidays,” daughter Kimmy Bloemers wrote in an online journal. “He tried to involve himself in as many family activities as possible even though each day is and continues to definitely be exhausting for him. For most of the days, he has rested and slept, which is good and bad. The doctors have told my dad to listen to his body and rest but have also encouraged exercise. My dad did go in the pool a handful of times over the holiday break; however, his body needs much more.

“Today is the first day of practice for the PBA baseball team and dad is determined to go! Now that baseball has begun, his spirits have lifted a bit and I believe he is excited to see his team. His weak body limits his physical involvement, but the fact he wants to go and still teach his players is beyond amazing.”

Carter has been battling other ailments that have developed as a result of the cancer treatments, including sores in his mouth.

“Unfortunately, parts of his gums are down to the bone, caused by the medications,” Bloemers wrote. “This is very painful and there is not much they can do. It is uncomfortable to drink and eat.

“Dad's appetite has changed dramatically. Although he is still on the steroids, he actually has been losing some weight due to the lack of eating. He just doesn't feel hungry most days. We are encouraging dad to drink a lot of water and eat nutritious foods, even if he doesn't feel like eating much. It's is important as we all know.”

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