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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ike Davis should have break out season for the Mets, But what will his numbers look like?

From what I read Ike Davis will have the green light going into 2012. Ike Davis should be healthy enough to play a entire season for the New York Mets. (Let's Pray)

So I looked at Ike Davis' numbers and tried to project what he could do in a full season with the New York Mets this year.

Let's take a look at Ike's Stats:


2011 Regular Season36129203981725173100.302.383.543.925

I seriously think that Ike Davis will have break-out season. I hope at least for Mets Fans to have something to cheer for. I think when Ike is on the field, the Mets are at their best.. He gives you great defense and has awesome power with the ability to hit for average.

My Projected Numbers For Ike this Season:

GP: 144
AB: 516
H: 156
2B: 32
3B: 2
HR: 28
RBI: 100
BB: 68
K: 124
AVG: .302

I think any Mets Fan would have to take those numbers.. Even though my HR projection was 28, I still think with Ike's ability to hit long HR's and the fences moved in a bit, the 40 number could be a possibility for Mr. Davis. Lets pray anyway.. LGM!

Here is your chance to get interactive with Mets Chronicle, Vote below (and Right Side Bar) and tell us How Many HR's you think Ike Davis will have this year?

How Many Home Runs will Ike Davis have this year?
Below 25 HR's
26-30 HR's
31-35 HR's
36-40 HR's
41-45 HR's
46-50 HR's

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