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Monday, December 05, 2011

My reactions and commentary to the news of Jose Reyes to Marlins

My first reactions to the news of Jose Reyes to the Miami Marlins was not startling to me. I sought of thought that the Brewers were going to throw a monkey wrench into the equation, but that never happened..

As Mets Fans, we can all feel the same way today about Reyes that we did when Our Beloved Darryl Strawberry joined the Dodgers many moons ago. Didn't he go to play with his best friend too?  Eric Davis..

We can all wish Jose the best and we can all relate in bad economic times , who in their right mind would turn down that kind of money?  DUH!

So now we can all enjoy watching Jose prance, dance and bash elbows with Hanley Ramirez and all their extra parts the Miami Marlins can accumulate at the winter meetings, hopefully not Albert Pujols included...

I am probably not the only Mets Fan for thinking this way, but I am sure I will get a chuckle when I see his name on the Disabled List.

He was a great Met and enjoyed watching him play when he was on the field, but like I said in a past post he is not worth all the money when you break it down season by season. His numbers to generate this type of salary were based on last years performance and three years previous of good ball.

Our Lasting impression of Jose Reyes in a Mets uniform will always have to be a walk-off drop bunt to capture the 2011 NL Batting Title, we all should have known that it was over for the Mets to retain him that instant.

So Best of Luck Jose, and Break a Leg (Get it ) in Miami.

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