Saturday, December 03, 2011

If Mets Lose Jose Reyes to Marlins, they will get a sandwich pick between the first and second rounds plus the Marlins' third-round pick

According to Adam Rubin of ESPN NY, If the Mets lose Reyes to Miami they will get a sandwich pick between the first and second rounds created from thin air, plus the Marlins' third-round pick, according to a Major League Baseball official.

Under the old and new systems, Miami's first-round pick is protected, because it is ninth overall. So the Mets and other clubs won't cash in on that..

In Addition, the teams that lose New Type A players as free agents, assuming arbitration had been offered, will get basically the same type of compensation they would under the old system. But the pick will not come from the signing team.

So, for instance, the Marlins are signing Bell. Under the old system, San Diego would get a pick between the first and second rounds created out of thin air, plus Miami's second-round pick (ninth in that round). Under the new agreement, the Padres instead get two picks created from thin air -- the sandwich pick between the first and second rounds, plus pick 9a in the second round, immediately before the Marlins select.

So what happens if Miami signs two Type A free agents -- say Bell as well as Reyes?  Wouldn't the Padres get 9a in the second round from thin air and the Mets get 9b from the same round, which is Miami's pick?

No, says the MLB official.

It will be treated like the old system, where San Diego gets a second-round pick as compensation (albeit not from Miami) and the Mets get a third-round pick from Miami in addition to the sandwich pick between the first and second rounds.

The official explains:

"The old system still governs the pick assignments. So, yes, one of the picks slides to the third round, and the former club losing the player with the higher Elias score would pick first (i.e., San Diego gets the second-round pick because Bell's score is 81.4. The Mets get the third-round pick because Reyes's score is 77.2).

Let's hope the Mets don't have to worry about where there going to pick and can secure Jose Reyes' place at Citi Field next season...
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