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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rumor Mill: No Official Signings until December?

Unlike other MLB teams that are scrambling to make most of the time off before the 2012 season kicks off in April, the New York Mets are taking it easy and have announced not to do anything officially until December.

They also announced arbitration to free-agent shortstop, Jose Reyes, on Wednesday, November 23, 2011, but in accordance with prior announcements, will not do any official signings at the moment.

According to a high ranking source in the MLB franchise, the New York Mets are keeping their option open and will secure only the best ones in the interest of their team and will not have any issue in disposing of those which hold no benefit for them.

General Manager of the New York Mets, Sandy Alderson, also announced that dealings in relation to the team will kick off a few days before December the 5th, in which they will begin the offseason negotiations between players and the team while looking at all of their options in order to make the best possible choice on every deal.

Regarding Jose Reyes, it is reported that the player has also been offered quite a surprising deal by the Miami Marlins, but has not come out on the issue thus far in announcing which franchise he is looking forward to be working with when the new season kicks off early next year.

It has also been reported that the New York Mets are in need of restocking their bench and could be looking at Endy Chavez and Rick Ankiel as solutions to their problems and just might be planning the negotiations they wish to put forward to the two sometime next month or even earlier.

Winter meetings will begin on December 5, which is expected to be the day which New York seriously starts making some headlines nearly midway through the offseason in order to catch up and get down to business.

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