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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Marlins offer Jose Reyes Six years, $90 Million, Hanley Ramirez not happy about it?

The Miami Marlins' introductory bid for Jose Reyes was six years, $90 million, as Foxsports.com first reported.

In addition to that going for them, the story cited a source saying the potential of playing in a warm climate, which would lessen the risk to his hamstrings, as well as playing for Ozzie Guillen, would be attractive to Reyes.

Meanwhile, Marlins beat writer Clark Spencer tweeted that Hanley Ramirez is not happy about potentially switching positions for Reyes. Tweeted Spencer (@clarkspencer):
"Ramirez is not at all pleased at prospect of changing positions if #Marlins sign Reyes; the two aren't the friends many portray."

The Mets have not made an offer , but can offer more...So this is not over yet... And there is already friction is brewing in South Beach between Hanley and the Team. Wonder if Hanley is the trade piece to get all the extra parts for Mr. Guillen, this should get interesting if he is traded for Reyes, but doubtful as the plan seems to have them together in the same Lineup..

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