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Friday, November 11, 2011

It sounds like Reyes could be gone, Wright might be too.... If the price is right?

These are the most recent messages from Sandy Alderson, the team’s general manager, came Thursday night in an interview broadcast on SNY. Interpret them as you will.

Alderson said that the Mets had met on a number of occasions with Jose Reyes’s agents, but that the conversations were not substantiative in terms of what it might take to sign the free-agent shortstop.

Alderson is viewed as a shrewd general manager, one unafraid of making an unpopular move. But he once again emphasized that signing star players was a multifaceted process that involved taking into account the desires of the fan base.

“Ultimately what you try to do is not keep the entire team together, but you try to keep the core of players together with whom the fans identify most closely,” Alderson said. “Any franchise has a handful of those players.”

Reyes clearly fits into that category. Alderson said such status would play some sort of role as he and his staff considered how much money they ultimately wanted to offer to him.

“When you think about those players, you’ve got to take into account that aspect of the situation — and it’d be foolish not to,” Alderson said. “Again, that doesn’t dictate the result. But it should be a consideration. Whatever happens, I don’t mind admitting that’s a factor.”

That thinking also applies to David Wright, who has remained the subject of highly speculative trade rumors.

Alderson said earlier this month that he expected Wright to remain a Met for the 2012 season. But he reiterated Thursday that all offers for all players would be heard.

“Ultimately, we want to build a winning team, and sometimes you have to make some difficult choices in order to do that,” Alderson said.

But he said the stakes were higher in considering any offers for a player like Wright, who is held in high esteem by the fan base.

“In those kinds of cases, you’ve got to be a little more confident in your evaluation of the players coming in and where you’re headed than in some others – where you don’t have that issue with recognition and a relationship with the fans,” he said. “But there’s nobody on the team that’s untouchable.”

Honestly, I see Jose Reyes getting priced out of the Mets' Waters... I'd be surprised if the Mets get him back and if the Mets open the purse strings to get him back!!  David Wright on the other hand, will probably be with the Mets next season, but if the price is right ( bad pun) we could see a whole new nucleus of players at Citi Field next season.  

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