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Monday, November 21, 2011

Is Jose Reyes worth 6 years, $120 Million?

Doubt it
As the consensus piles up on how much Jose Reyes will cash in this off-season,  Jon Heyman of SI.com gave his take on how much he thinks Jose Reyes will eventually ransom. Heyman said he will get 6 Years, $120 Million.

The question remains, is Jose Reyes worth all this cash? 

Did Jose Reyes drive in over 100 RBI's last year that I was not aware of? 

Is he a $20 Million a year player?  Plus can any team take a risk on him for all those years with his history of leg problems.

Take a look at his numbers and you decide..

Jose Reyes Career Numbers:

In 9 years that Jose Reyes has played for the Mets, he has only played 150 games or more 4 seasons.. Now he averages about 130 Games... Reyes between 2005-2008 averaged 65 stolen bases.. Now he only averages 35..

Basically everyone who is vying for his services are paying for his four glorious seasons in the past, plus the fact that he won the National League Batting Title last season in only 126 games.

To me it does not add up to $20 Million a year, but that's just me..

Sandy take the draft picks and call it a day!

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