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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Don't count out the Mets to sign Jose Reyes just yet.....

Mets Fans, the process has not even started to sign Jose Reyes. We have not had the winter meeting yet. Jose Reyes agents are collecting his offers from multiple teams to drum up business, especially from the Mets.

So far the Marlins (and Hanley Ramirez) only offered  Jose Reyes a 3 year deal. It's not like the Mets can't give Jose four years and bump it up, but it's way to early into the game.

According to what I have been reading in multiple reports, the building blocks to any Reyes deal getting consummated for one will be determined once King Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder land their Giant Bonuses.

This sets up the Market and will detail how much Jose Reyes agents can get away with (since Jose is the 3rd best (position player) free agent on the market).

Everyone is counting out the Mets already, but we have not seen a mega deal offered yet.  Everybody in this economy is trying to save a buck and they have seen what a bust Carl Crawford's contract was. But if we see reports that Jose is getting offered a six or seven year deal, wave the white flag (say good bye to Jose Reyes) because the Mets will not touch that.. They will just offer him arbitration and since he is a TYPE A Free Agent, the Mets will collect two draft picks at the 2012 amateur draft..

So enjoy your Turkey in less than two weeks and watch the rumors fly......

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