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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Who is the Hottest Team in Baseball?

Who is the hottest team in Baseball?

Would you expect to find the Tigers at the top of the list?
They win..... Then they win some more.  That's why I think they will win the World Series..(Yeah, I went on a limb here!).

And then, just because they've forgotten how to do anything else apparently, they keep on winning. The Tigers are 6-2 when Doug Fister starts. They've now won 10 games in a row -- for the first time in 43 years.

Over their past 13 games, they're 12-1. Over their past 18 games, they're 15-3. Over their past 24 games, they're 20-4. In the 40 games since they traded for Doug Fister, they're 29-11.

So they're not just hot, ladies and gentlemen. They're a five-alarm inferno. You need a potholder just to grab the remote to click on their games these days. "Right now," said one AL executive this week, "they're the best team in baseball."

Watch Out Yankees and Look Out Red Sox,  looks like their might be a new team in charge in the AL....and in the MLB.

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