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Thursday, September 29, 2011

What the off-season could bring to the 2012 season

Sandy has a lot on his plate
Now that the season is complete, the Mets and Sandy Alderson have a lot to do this off-season. The Mets main priority has to be whether they can sign their shortstop, Jose Reyes or should I say -  The 2011 NL Batting Champion Jose Reyes.

Terry Collins wants him back, I want him back and the rest of the fans want Jose Reyes in a Mets uniform next season.. It's all about the Mula baby.. For those who need interpretation Money!   Now that the Mets lawsuit damage is limited down a bit. It's going to be interesting what they will spend..

The Mets are in position to get first crack at their shortstop and it will cost the Mets. This is really where reality has to set in and you have to wonder if Jose is sincere enough to comeback to the Mets...for a cheaper price. Well at least David Wright thinks he will be back, as he was quoted after yesterday's game..

Once this is settled and this can be settled rather quickly by Jose Reyes saying he wants to test the free agent waters. The Mets will counter with a offering of arbitration to get the 2 draft picks because Reyes is a Type A Free Agent..
When offered arbitration Type B free agents allow their old team to pick up a draft pick between the first and second rounds, but because their new team doesn’t have to give up anything to sign them their market value isn’t impacted by whether or not the arbitration is offered.
However, with Type A free agents who’re offered arbitration their old team is in line to receive a draft pick between the first and second rounds plus their new team’s first-round pick.
In other words, Type A free agents who are offered arbitration cost a first-round draft pick to sign while Type A free agents not offered arbitration require no compensation, in many cases making their market value heavily dependent on the arbitration status.
The backup shortstop plan obviously is going to Ruben Tejada, who has proven himself worthy..

The Mets have to fix the bullpen which has been most of the Mets Achilles Heal this season.  The Mets bullpen went down hill after the K-Rod trade because so many had to step up in different roles and many were not capable.. Josh Stinson looks like he could have a shot next year with all that movement on his pitches. DJ Carrasco who was a disaster pick up is signed for next year, even though many believe he will be released or non-tendered. Tim Byrdak signed a one year deal for next season because the lefty reliever market is going to be so minuet.   Then you have guys who could possible be closers like Bobby Parnell, Pedro Beato, and Manny Acosta. These guys all have potential for setup roles, but have to be long shots for the closer position.. It will interesting to see what Sandy Alderson brings in to be the closer next season...as he was quoted looking outside the organization...

The centerfield position has been one first determined to be Angel Pagan's job to lose and I believe as many in the Mets organization do,  that he has lost it.  I do not see the Mets have valid interest in bringing back Angel Pagan next season. The free agent market for a centerfielder market is very bleak and there has been talk that the Mets might interest themselves in a BJ Upton (Via Trade), who is one of  David Wright's best friends.. This could be a major upgrade not only could Upton play the position with speed, but can also hit for power.. It will also give a clubhouse boost for David Wright, especially if the Mets lose Jose Reyes to Free agency.

The Mets rotation is almost complete with Johan Santana hopefully coming back to full strength at the top.
If Santana shows any glimpse of the past, the Mets will be better suited to play much meaningful games down the stretch. Also the Mets will not have to rely on the bullpen so soon because Santana can stretch a game in to the 7th or 8th innings... The Mets will have to rely on  Jon Niese,  Dillon Gee,  R.A. Dickey, and probably resign Chris Capuano who is retainable.. The odd man out Mike Pelfrey will have to most likely be shopped and I would include in a deal for Upton.. Pelfrey has shown he can pitch at times, but without consistency.. I do not see him here next season..

The catching squad has been up in the air for sometime.. The last everyday catcher for the Mets was Mike Piazza. The Mets have a talented catcher named Josh Thole, but will have to develop into the defensive catcher they want behind the plate. Mike Nickeas impressed me this summer and I believe the Mets will want him to back up.. Ronny Paulino who had a good campaign with the Mets could be resigned..

The first base position will not be a mystery. I am anxious to see what Ike Davis can bring offensively  in 2012. The man plays a solid first base and can hit the ball into any part of Citi-Field.  Also they will have other possible 1B fillers like Daniel Murphy and Nick Evans back next season..

Daniel Murphy is a interesting case because we know he can hit , but does not have a legit position. The Mets might be inclined to trade David Wright if the right offer came along....Murphy then would have a position, 3B.. The Rockies and Cardinals have been mentioned to have interest..

The Mets will have Jason Bay and Lucas Duda patrolling the left and right corners of their outfield. Lucas Duda came on strong after the Mets traded Carlos Beltran. It's going to be interesting to see if Duda can hit 20-25 HR's and drive in 80-100 RBI's next season.  Jason Bay remains a mystery at Citi-Field and that's why the Mets will have new dimensions in their ballpark to help the cause...

The bench this year was a pleasant surprise this year.  Nick Evans, Willies Harris, Scott Hairston were great in their roles.. Add Murphy and Tejada to that and the bench has some depth.. Of course, both Murphy and Tejada could be permanent replacements if Wright and Reyes are apart of the Mets departed.. That would give options to the Mets bench like Mike Baxter and Josh Satin.

The last and final position to talk about is second base. Justin Turner and Ruben Tejada played a admirable second-base this season. Given a second chance, it will be interesting to see if Turner will grow at the major league level. Of course,  Tejada could be his double play partner if  Senor Reyes signs elsewhere...

Here is my predicted Mets Starting Lineup:

  1. Reyes - SS
  2. Turner / Tejada / Murphy - 2B
  3. Wright  /  Murphy* - 3B
  4. Davis - 1B
  5. Upton - CF
  6. Duda - RF
  7. Bay - LF
  8. Thole / Nickeas - C
*If Wright Traded

Predicted Bench:

  1. Harris - OF/IF
  2. Hairston - OF
  3. Murphy - IF/LF
  4. Tejada - SS/2B
  5. Evans - 1B/LF
  6. Nickeas / Paulino? - C

? - Might be resigned

Predicted Rotation:

  1. Santana
  2. Niese
  3. Dickey
  4. Gee
  5. Capuano 

Predicted Bullpen:

  1. Stinson
  2. Byrdak
  3. Beato
  4. Parnell
  5. Acosta
  6. Mystery Closer

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