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Friday, September 09, 2011

Terry Collins Impressed with Nick Evans, maybe utility role in future?

Terry Collins seems very impressed in what he has seen out of  Nick Evans play recently, especially at First base.  It won't give Evans a automatic pass on next years roster, but he will definitely be considered for a utility role in 2012.

"I certainly think Nick Evans is showing everybody in baseball that he's a pretty good offensive player and he's also played very, very good at first base," Collins said.

While the Mets haven't given Evans a chance at other positions recently because he's been filling in admirably at first base for Ike Davis, Collins said he's seen Evans in the minor leagues and knows he can do well enough as a utility player. Evans has played first base and the outfield for the Mets, and also has appeared in two games at third base this season.

"I think his bat has shown that he can be a force offensively here. Now, the question is can he do it off the bench or not? That's yet to be seen," Collins said. "I think Nick's play has opened a lot of people's eyes and he's a better player than a lot of people think he was, even mid-summer."

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