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Friday, September 23, 2011

Mets Free Agent Closer Options

Broxton might be on the Mets Radar
The Mets apparently are in a process looking for a new closer for 2012... Let's take a look at the list the Mets have to work with..

Here are the 2012 Free Agent Closers :
  • Heath Bell (34) - Mets reunion, not a chance in hell
  • Jonathan Broxton (28) - Coming off Injury, Low Risk/High Reward
  • Matt Capps (28) - Might come cheap,  might want to comeback to NL
  • Francisco Cordero (37) - $12MM club option with a $1MM buyout - Too Old
  • Frank Francisco (32) - If  Mets are desperate
  • Brad Lidge (35) - $12.5MM club option with a $1.5MM buyout - Too Much, Always Injured
  • Joe Nathan (37) - $12.5MM club option with a $2MM buyout - Too Much, Always Injured
  • Jonathan Papelbon (31) - A Real Bargain deal would have to happen here
  • Jon Rauch (33) - $3.75MM club option with a $250K buyout - "The Wookie" is a cheap option if his option don't get picked up
  • Francisco Rodriguez (30) - He said he would comeback, but do the Mets want him back??
  • Rafael Soriano (32) - $11MM player option or a $1.5MM buyout - Yankees regret this sign
  • Jose Valverde (34) - $9MM club option, no buyout - Don't think the Mets will be knocking if available

Out of this list, I would think the Mets would look anyone who has closer experience with a cheap price tag...

Jonathan Broxton is only making $7M in 2011, Broxton underwent season-ending, arthroscopic surgery on Monday to remove loose bodies from his right elbow, this after months of attempting to come back from a bone bruise that landed him on the disabled list in early May. And that was after Broxton's struggles from the second half of last season carried over to this season, as he posted a 5.68 ERA in 14 appearances.

Borxton is expected to need six to eight weeks of recovery time from the surgery, which should leave him plenty of time to get his arm into shape for the start of spring training. But given his recent track record, it is at least questionable as to whether there will be much of a market for him this winter. It could be that he will have to settle for a minor league contract and an invitation to spring training, where he will have to pitch well enough to make a club.

Matt Capps is only making $7.1M in 2011.. He has been mediocre at best this season with the Twins with only 15 saves and 4.20 ERA...He could definitely use a change of scenery looking to be the full time closer of any team. Maybe making his way back to the NL might be what's needed in Capps career, where he has had success.

Jon Rauch AKA (Keith Hernandez Favorite) "The Wookie" could be a very be intriguing option for the Mets. Of course, he has a option with the Blue Jays, but could be expendable because of his injuries. He has closer experience with the Nationals... Another low risk/high reward candidate.

Of Course there will be non-tender candidates that are not on this list..

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