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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Could the Mets look to trade for B.J. Upton?

According to Evan Brunell of CBS Sports,  B.J. Upton spoke to Craig Heist of WTOP (via MLB.com) in Washington on Tuesday, indicating that he wanted to stay with the Rays, but would also love to play in Washington. Interestingly enough, Upton also mentioned the Mets as a potential bonus to playing in the NL East.
“If I’m not, playing in Washington would kind of be playing close to home. I just want to play anywhere. … Since you brought up Washington, it would be kind of cool to play close to home and definitely play with the guy in Ryan Zimmerman that I played with growing up," Upton said. "That would be kind of a cool thing. I’ve known him for a long time. … To be on the team with him and playing in the division [against Mets third baseman] David Wright, who I also grew up with, that would be a cool thing, but right now, my heart is with the Rays.”

Brunell says the Rays seem a lock to trade the center fielder in the offseason as he enters his final season of arbitration.

Tampa had solicited offers at the trade deadline for the slugger, but couldn't agree on anything. With a rising salary, Upton is a prime candidate to be moved, especially as the Rays undershoot financial projections. Washington hasn't been secret in its desire for a long-term center fielder, believing Upton could be that man.

On the Mets being serious about  trading for B.J. Upton in the off-season. The Mets need a centerfielder with the fading skill of Angel Pagan now playing there and the departure of Carlos Beltran. The Mets have been reported to have problems with the way Pagan has hit and played the outfield.  Upton can hit for power and definitely would be a upgrade in center. Also it will give David Wright a chance to play with his boyhood friend, which could benefit Wright especially if the Mets decide to let Reyes walk whom David is close with.

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Looking at BJ's numbers, the Mets might not have to offer a lot... The upside is he is still young with big potential. Upton is making $4.825M this season and is arbitration eligible....

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