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Friday, August 26, 2011

Even though the Mets are postponed, Reyes will still work in Binghamton

Aaron Taube of  Mets.com says Terry Collins expects injured shortstop Jose Reyes will be able to play in his third and final rehab game Saturday at Double-A Binghamton.

If he does, Reyes will have Sunday off before playing in one game during the Mets' Monday doubleheader against Florida at Citi Field.

"I don't know if they're deciding to move their game up to the middle of the day [Saturday]," Collins said. "If that would be the case, then I would think he'd get his three games in and be available, because he's going to have Sunday off anyway, no matter where he's at. I have not talked to anyone in Binghamton to find out what tomorrow's schedule is going to look like, but I know they're going to try to get it in."

Collins' decision to give Reyes a game off Monday is part of his plan to rest Reyes in order to keep him on the field. The Mets' most productive player this season when healthy, Reyes is currently on the disabled list with a strained left hamstring for the second time this season.

"I've already told him, if next summer -- I think he's going to be here -- but next summer if he's here, if he plays 150 of 162, that's still better than playing 100 of 162 because I don't need him to be out for three weeks at a time," Collins said. "I told him, 'We're going to have arguments, we're going to have discussions about ... because you're going to want to play.'

"I just think that we've got to probably be very understanding of certain nights where you've got a two or three-day span where he's running, running, running, running all over the bases and all the sudden we've got a day game. There's a good chance he's not going to be playing in that day game."

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