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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Willie Harris Wants to Defeat Beltran in Playoffs

After Carlos Beltran's departure to join his new team, the San Francisco Giants, Willie Harris tried to rally the troops before last nights game. He said to anyone in earshot while in the training room,
"Lets make the playoffs and let's beat Carlos Beltran in the playoffs."
When asked about his comments Harris told the NY Post,
"I mean, how cool would that be?" Harris said after the Mets beat the Reds 8-2 at Great American Ball Park. "We trade our best hitter and then we send him home in the playoffs."
The Mets are one win closer to Harris' request after defeating the Reds with the help of Mike Pelfrey who seemed to have toned down his criticism of the Mets front office from earlier this week.
"Obviously we're a better team with Carlos Beltran," he said. "But that doesn't mean that Lucas Duda or Willie Harris or Scott Hairston on the bench can't step up. [The trade] is unfortunate, but we're all professionals and we're going to continue to go out there and play and go out there and win."
Pelfrey pitched a complete game allowing only 2 earned runs and 7 hits.

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