Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tonight's Mets Starting Lineup - Mets at Reds - Game 104 - No Beltran in Lineup!

It's Duda Time in RF!
Mets Starting Lineup vs Cincinnati - Game 104:
  1. Reyes-SS
  2. Harris-2B
  3. Murphy-1B
  4. Wright-3B
  5. Pagan-CF
  6. Bay-LF
  7. Duda-RF
  8. Paulino-C
  9. Pelfrey-RHP
Game Notes:
No Carlos Beltran in the Lineup (Traded to Giants), Duda will play right
Willie Harris will get the start at 2B, bat 2nd
Daniel Muprhy will bat 3rd and play 1B

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