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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rumor Mill: Mets looking for 2 or 3 quality prospects for Beltran

The return for Francisco Rodriguez was minimal – two minor leaguers to be named, neither of whom is expected to be a quality prospect.

According to Fox Sports Ken Rosenthal,  the Mets believe that Carlos Beltran can bring them two or three quality youngsters in a trade, depending upon how much money they include in the deal.

The Giants appear to be active suitors for Beltran – “I guess we’re in talks with them about Beltran,” closer Brian Wilson said after the All-Star Game.

Beltran, though, has a full no-trade clause. Unlike Rodriguez, who could not block his trade to the Brewers, Beltran can effectively choose his next team in conjunction with his agent, Scott Boras.

The Mets are in discussions with a number of teams on Beltran. It’s possible that Boras might prefer the outfielder to go to the American League and prove he can handle a designated hitter’s role before becoming a free agent.

Many in the industry also expect Boras to seek a form of compensation – probably a cash bonus - for Beltran to waive his no-trade clause.

While the Mets moved quickly on Rodriguez, they aren’t necessarily in a rush on Beltran; they might prefer to wait for the returns of injured shortstop Jose Reyes, third baseman David Wright and first baseman Ike Davis, all of which could happen by the end of the month.

By trading Rodriguez – and clearing his potential $17.5 million salary for 2012 – the Mets created payroll flexibility for Reyes, a potential free agent whom the team wants to retain.

The team can spend the second half evaluating Jason Isringhausen, Bobby Parnell and possibly even Pedro Beato as closing options for next season.

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