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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mets Chronicle is looking for more contributors/writers

Mets Chronicle is looking for writers/contributors .... We are looking to add at least 5 more writers to our staff..

Some Criteria you must meet:

Are you a huge baseball fan?

Are you a Mets Fan?

Do you have a lot of passion for the Mets?   Do you even watch their farm systems (upcoming stars)?

Do you like to follow the Mets via twitter, facebook, radio, TV, ETC?

Do you like to comment on recent Mets topics?

Do you like to write? Can you write grammatically?

If you answered YES to most of questions, then maybe Mets Chronicle is for you.

In order to join you must have a legit email address ....

We are looking for people to write about the Mets in the following topics....Mets Prospects, Mets News/Rumors, Mets Stats (Analysis), Mets Commentary/Opinion.

If you have a topic of interest, we would be open to suggestions.

Mets Chronicle is a great place to showcase your talents, unfortunately this is not a paid position at this time, but could at a latter time as we grow..

If interested drop me a email (Subject: writer job) @ Metschronicle@gmail.com

Please attach some writing that you have done, if you have..

Hope to hear from you soon!

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