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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Jose Reyes Never Felt Tag by A-Rod on play at 3B

Jose Reyes told NY Daily News Reporter Anthony Mccarron that he never felt a tag and A-Rod  played it coy by saying, "I think I just touched a little bit of his sleeve" before later admitting, "Whether I did or not, you guys had a better view than I did."

The sweep of a phantom tag at third base in the seventh inning, the only thing that matters is that Reyes was called out.

Terry Collins was ejected in the heated argument that followed with plate umpire Jerry Layne and the Mets never really had a chance after the play, despite trailing by only two runs at the time.

"We were losing, 3-1, man on third base, less than two out, maybe we score that run and it's a different ball game," Reyes said.

"That's a huge out," Rodriguez said. "A big momentum-changer for us. A big play."

Watch the play for yourself : Click here

"I don't feel any tag," Reyes said. "He (Layne) was running to third base. I don't know if he had a very good view of the play. I don't know."

"You see what it is," Layne told a pool reporter. "It was a close play at third base and I'm not going to comment about the ejection. I had him tagging him, you know, on the side by the belt-buttocks area for an out."

However, even after watching the replay "three or four times," Rodriguez said, he could not be sure of what happened.

The one bit of brightness that the Mets can take out of the play - and, admittedly, this seems like striving for positives - is that Collins will not try to temper Reyes' gambling nature on the bases. Nor will Reyes rein himself in.
"That's the way that I play," Reyes said. "I try to be aggressive on the base paths and nothings going to change that. That's the way I've played in my career and I'm going to continue to do that."

"His instincts said he should go to third," Collins added. "I have no problem with that. He's done it all year for us and nine out of 10 times he's safe and he's created runs and created energy.

"In the heat of the game, you react to what you see and when he saw the ball bounce away, he thought he could advance. This is all he's done. You play with enthusiasm instincts and aggressiveness.

"I don't have a problem. I don't want to corral this guy. I don't want this guy to start thinking he shouldn't play like that. We've scored and won baseball games because we are aggressive on the bases."

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