Saturday, June 25, 2011

Today's Mets Starting Lineup - Mets at Rangers - Game 77

Pridie will start today
Mets Starting Lineup vs Texas - Game 77:
  1. Reyes-SS
  2. Harris-DH
  3. Beltran-RF
  4. Murphy-3B
  5. Pagan-CF
  6. Duda-1B
  7. Thole-C
  8. Pridie-LF
  9. Tejada-2B
Game Notes:

  • Willie Harris will DH in the #2 Hole. 
  • Jason Bay will sit in favor of Jason Pridie , who will be in left and bat 8th
  • Jonathon Niese, who has the 9th-lowest ERA (2.25) since May 18, will start for the Mets.

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