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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jon Niese Passes Tests After Having Rapid Heartbeat

According to the NY Times, Mets starter Jon Niese passed a battery of tests at Henry Ford Hospital on Tuesday that he underwent to help determine the cause and nature of his recurring rapid heartbeat.

According to John Ricco, the Mets’ assistant general manager, the initial results showed that everything was normal with Niese’s heart. Ricco said the team was still awaiting the results of one more test, though.

Niese was wearing a heart monitor Tuesday and will wear it for 24 hours, then have the results examined by physicians here.

Ricco said Niese, who is 24, had an electrocardiogram, echocardiogram and a treadmill stress during the exam.

During his start last Saturday in Arlington, Tex., Niese reported having a rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath. After the game, he said he had those symptoms from time to time.

“The term the trainers are using is tachycardia,” Ricco said. “Once they are done with all the tests, we’ll see if this last test picks anything up.”

On Sunday in Texas, Niese went through his normal poststart exercises, which included running for 30 minutes in 93-degree heat in the outfield. Afterward he reported no problems with his heart or with his breathing.

Niese is 7-6 with a 3.67 earned run average in 16 starts for the Mets. He is scheduled to start Friday against the Yankees at Citi Field, but Ricco said that would depend on the results of the final test and clearance from the doctors.

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