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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jeff Wilpon says Mets can be buyers if they need to be

Will the Mets be Buyers?
According to Dan Martin of the Ny Post,  Jeff Wilpon made clear that the Mets if suited with the opportunity to be in a race they would spend by saying,
"He'll have all the opportunity in the world to bring anybody he wants in," team COO Jeff Wilpon said yesterday, without giving the GM carte blanche. "The way for him to do that is to bring the ideas to us and we'll talk about it. But he does not have restrictions. We'll deal with everything on a case-by-case basis."

Sandy Alderson clearly has decisions to make , but they will have to come down the road.

Alderson was quoted saying,
"The next three to four weeks will tell a lot," said Alderson, adding he will keep finances in mind when he considers any potential move, but won't make it the overriding factor. "The focus will be on the baseball side."
That philosophy will continue with players currently on the team, as well, including Jose Reyes.

Although Reyes' MVP-caliber play this season has caused many to believe that he has priced himself out of the Mets' range, Wilpon -- who was at Fairview Country Club in Greenwich, Conn., yesterday at a golfing fundraiser for the Special Olympics of Connecticut -- hasn't given up the belief that the shortstop may wind up re-signing with the team.
"Sandy and I have had conversations about all the different scenarios that could happen with Jose,"
Wilpon said of Reyes, who brushed off a report over the weekend that he might consider switching agents from Peter Greenberg to Scott Boras.

When asked if he had lost hope that Reyes would remain a Met, Wilpon said:
"Why would we? There's a long time between now and next year [and there are] a lot of things that can happen in a lot of different directions."
Wilpon has been impressed with how the team has withstood the prolonged absence of David Wright and Ike Davis because of injuries.
"They're going out there and doing their job," Wilpon said. "If they can hold it together until some of the other guys come back and play at their level, I think we'll be OK."

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