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Monday, June 20, 2011

Heyman: Mets would have to be overwhelmed to trade Reyes

As the deadline approaches there is many are speculating that  Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran will be traded.

Jon Heyman of Si.com has the top 20 everyday player candidates that could get traded before the deadline and of course,  Beltran and Reyes are on it

Heyman on Reyes:
"Reyes being dealt is far less than a certainty now. As one competing National League executive speculated, "the Mets will need to be overwhelmed'' to move Reyes. For a while, it appeared that his being traded was a foregone conclusion, but now that exec's assessment sounds about right, what with the Mets hanging around the fringes of the wild card race and Reyes generally playing better than just about anyone else in the league."
The Giants, Cards, Brewers, and Reds were mentioned to be logical candidates where Reyes would be a natural fit.

Heyman on Beltran:
"Because of no knee concerns they shouldn't be limited to examining deals with only American League teams, though that's still where the logical interested teams reside. The Red Sox have long liked Beltran (top assistant Allard Baird was the GM when Beltran was starring in Kansas City), with the White Sox and Tigers other possibilities. The Yankees were making some sense when DH Jorge Posada was struggling from the right side and right-fielder Nick Swisher from the left, but the Yankees appear very focused on upgrading their pitching staff at the moment. Beltran also has no-trade powers, but he is said to be likely to accept a deal to a contender."

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