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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cecil Fielder says the Mets have a chance to sign his son , Prince Fielder

According to the NY Daily News, Former Yankee star Cecil Fielder, the father of Milwaukee Brewers slugger Prince Fielder, told the Daily News Monday that he could see his son landing in New York - but not in the Bronx.

"I don't think the Yankees are gonna get him," Fielder told The News at the Bombers Boomer Broadway Softball Classic, a charity event at Yankee Stadium. "But I think if everything goes well on the other side, the Mets are one of those teams that if they get that situation all squared away, they could get him."

Prince enters this week's three-game series against the Yankees hitting .305 with 21 homers, and he's expected to be a hot commodity come December. He signed a one-year, $15.5 million deal with the Brewers in January, and Fielder conceded that his son would "probably like to stay in Milwaukee." But the 27-year-old is represented by super agent Scott Boras, a likely sign he's headed for the open market.

There are two major factors that put a dent in Cecil's thinking: The Mets already a have a budding star at first base in Ike Davis - he's been on the DL since early May - and they don't expect to be throwing money around come winter. Even if they do, it would likely go to keep Jose Reyes in town, not toward shopping for other team's stars.

The elder Fielder said he would shuttle Davis to a corner outfield spot to make room for Prince, whom he expects to be enamored by the big city, saying, "If you want to get in the bright lights, you've got to come to New York."

Father and son have had their differences over the years, and Fielder described their current relationship as "really mute." But he added that he still follows his son and the two speak sporadically.

Fielder also mentioned two big-city teams - the now-bankrupt Dodgers and the Angels - as possible players in the Prince Sweepstakes.

The Yankees, however, aren't likely to be on Prince's wish list, because he's trying to carve his own niche. Like his father, Prince has a portly physique and prodigious power, and all too often, his dad says, people mention both in the same breath. The father helped the Bombers beat the Braves in the '96 World Series and was also with them in 1997. He can't see his son following that path.

"That's why I'm saying the Mets," Fielder said.

No way the Mets will move Ike over to the outfield and pay Fielder big bucks. The Mets have $66 Mil on the books next year. They probably would like to keep that under $120 Million and The Mets probably would want to offer Jose Reyes a contract before they would offer a guy like Fielder. Not that I am saying that the Mets don't need the power, LOL.

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