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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wright Leaves Lasting Impression in ATL

The Mets broke a 7 game losing streak on Sunday night in Atlanta despite Wright going 0-4. The highpoint of the game for a few lucky fans occurred a few hours before the game even started- when David Wright started playing catch with children in the first rows of the visitors dugout.

A lucky five-year-old named Mason, one of the participants, caught Wrights arm band as well after the game. Masons father wrote ESPN this letter about his son's experience:
What a great experience for Mason yesterday!!! As a 5-year-old, who just adores the Braves, he had no clue the All-Star that he was playing catch with at the time. My wife and I were just amazed at what was happening! We didn't think the day could get any better than that until David threw his arm band into the stands after the game, and Mason got it! He hasn't wanted to take it off since. He even tried to sleep in it last night, but we wouldn't let him! He did wear it to his T-ball game tonight, though! If you get a chance, please let David know how much that 15 minutes meant to the kids. His fan base grew a little larger in the South over the weekend. All Mason normally talks about is Chipper Jones, and now if you ask him who his favorite player is, he says David Wright. ... Maybe we'll be lucky enough to have him as a Brave one day :)

Sorry Mason's father, that's not happening, but thanks for trying ;-)

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