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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Terry Collins wants to see the Yanks and Phillies more next Spring

Terry Collins reiterated his hope to take the Mets on a barnstorming tour of the west coast of Florida next spring training. The Mets are about to embark on an overnight to Fort Myers to play the Twins and Red Sox this week to vary the competition.

"I hope it's done next year," Collins said. "I hope it's done to where teams on this side of the state can go over to the other side. I mean, there's no reason why we don't take this trip and go over and play the Yankees and the Phillies. That would be something a lot of people would be excited about. And if we're going to go over to that side, that's what I'd like to try to do.

"It's tough for us every day when we get on that bus to drive two hours to play a game when we can go over there and spend two or three days and drive 20 minutes. Hopefully that's in the future."

Source: ESPN NY

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