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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Mets Roster/Lineup Predictions

The Mets have many roster spots to fill out this Spring.

They have to find out who their 2B is going to be. The Mets have 4 potential 2B (Castillo, Emaus, Murphy, Turner) starters with Scott Hairston and Willie Harris also available at that position. Can Willie Harris play everyday over there or is it Murphy/Emaus platoon the solution. Of course, we can be ridden with another season of  Luis Castillo at the bag.

The Mets have to figure out who will be their backup infielders. You have to figure that Chin-lung Hu has to be on the bench because he is versatile and can play multiple positions. They also have Ruben Tejada, Luis Hernandez who have weak bats, but have good defensive skills.

The Mets first and foremost have to find who is in the rotation besides Pelfrey, Niese, and Dickey. Now that Johan Santana will be back around July 4th,  they have to find out if Chris Young can bounce back close to his Ace-like old form. They also have have to see if Capuano can blow his high cheese by people. The Mets can go also get help from some youngsters like Jenrry Mejia and Dillon Gee, who proved last year he might be ready for Major League Baseball.  Mejia on the other hand,  can get optioned back to AAA to work on his control. Waiting in the wings is Oliver Perez, who was reported to have a good session yesterday. Don't worry Mets Fans, he has not faced any live hitters of another team yet. The Mets also have outsiders like Boof Bonser ready to show he belongs.

The Mets have added some interesting pieces to the bullpen. The Mets have brought in D.J. Carrasco and former closer Taylor Buchholz to the new look pen.  The Mets also have Pedro Beato (Rule V Draft) , who was originally drafted by the Mets. He can add some depth in the much needed pen. The Mets seem high on Bobby Parnell entering in the eight in front of  K-Rod or maybe Carrasco can have that role?  These are the things the Mets have to see this spring. The Mets have brought in some fighting for jobs like Jason Isringhausen, Ryota Igarashi, and Blaine Boye, who have a outside chance of making the club.

The Mets have added some LHP to their camp , but they have to prove worthy since only Pat Misch is officially on the 40 man roster. The others battling trying to replace the departure of  Pedro Felcicano and Hisanori Takahashi will be Taylor Tankersley, Mike O'Connor, Tim Byrdek.

The fight for backup outfielders will be up to the corral  of  Lucas Duda, F-Mart, Willie Harris, Scott Hairston, with  Kirk "Gibson"  Nieuwenhuis  and  Jason Pridie   almost most certainly heading back to AAA. Then you have Nick Evans , who is out of options could get a sympathy spot or get traded. Evans does play 1B and is right handed.

In the mist of the backup outfield battle, you have to figure out if  Carlos Beltran is your center-fielder or your right-fielder.

My Predicted Lineup/Bench:


  1. Reyes - SS
  2. Pagan - CF-RF
  3. Wright - 3B
  4. Beltran - CF-RF
  5. Bay - LF
  6. Davis - 1B
  7. Murphy/Emaus - 2B
  8. Thole/Paulino - C

  1. Hu - IF
  2. Emaus -IF
  3. Harris - OF/IF
  4. Hairston - OF/IF
  5. Evans - OF/1B
  6. Paulino - C
Notice: No Luis Castillo on team...

  1. Pelfrey -  RHP
  2. Capuano - LHP
  3. Young - RHP
  4. Niese - LHP
  5. Dickey - RHP
  1. K-Rod - CL
  2. Parnell - SU
  3. Tankersley - LHP SU
  4. Beato - MR
  5. Buchholz -MR/SU
  6. Perez - LM/MR - Sorry he is still here, The role makes sense and they are paying him big bucks, even though he sucks.
MR=Middle Relief
LM=Long Man

Go Mets!

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