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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Luis Castillo finally shows up to camp

Luis Castillo finally has showed up to camp this morning and Castillo revealed Sunday in Mets camp that he was being held up due to a private family matter.

His 50-year-old brother was undergoing serious emergency surgery. The second baseman told ESPN New York’s Adam Rubin that he would have raised the issue earlier had he known what kind of backlash he would be getting for showing up Saturday, the first day that positional players were required to report.
“I know my situation here, and I try to be practice baseball,” Castillo said. “That’s not easy, because my brother is my family.”
It's Luis Castillo's  position to lose and so far everyone has gotten ahead of Castillo , especially when it comes to work ethic. The combo of Murphy and Emaus should provide the Mets with enough offense where you are going to say, "Louie Who?"

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