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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sandy Alderson: Playing With House Money in 2011

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The Mets might lose in 2011, but Sandy Alderson wont. Pretty much everyone is expecting a similar outcome as last season; hover around .500 for most of the season and finally tipping one way or the other towards the end. Well, I'm as optimistic as any Mets fan, so I'm willing to say they'll be better than 2010. But given their issues in the rotation, bullpen and second base, maybe I'll be wrong.

But this is the team that Alderson is taking over. His ace, Johan Santana, is out until the All-Star break, his fans are screaming to release his starting second baseman and find anyone else, and their best option for a lefty reliever, Oliver Perez, would probably be beaten to death should Mets fans catch him out in the open.

So basically, Alderson is inheriting a team that isn't expected to contend in 2011, so if they don't, it's no skin off his back. The Mets have a ton of money coming off the books in 2012, so if Alderson goes out and fails to put together a contender in that off-season, then he'll get the blame. But you can't blame Alderson if the Mets don't win significantly in 2011. The Mets might lose, but Alderson will win.
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