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Friday, January 21, 2011

Mets being frugal or being smart?

The Mets have been rather frugal this off-season as Adam Rubin of  ESPN NY describes it .

The free agent contracts of D.J. Carrasco, Chris Capuano, Ronny Paulino, Taylor Buchholz, Chris Young, and Scott Hairston have a combined guaranteed value of $8.1 million.

This will be the lowest potential payout that the Mets have put forth to free agents in an offseason since committing to only $8.6 million in potential payouts in the 1997-98 offseason.

Since that one, the Mets have made at least one big free agent signing every off-season. From the 1998-99 off-season to the 2009-10 off-season, they signed players to contracts guaranteeing them nearly $800 million, whether it be from the Mets or another team to which they were later dealt (in some cases, for another big contract).

This year will end a streak of 12 straight off-seasons in which the Mets signed at least one free agent to a contract with a total value of at least $10 million.


Contracts listed are the largest for each season, based on total value at time of the signing.

Offseason Name Yrs-$Millions
2010-11 D.J. Carrasco 2-$2.5M
2009-10 Jason Bay 4-$66.0M
2008-09 Francisco Rodriguez 3-$37.0M
2007-08 Luis Castillo 4-$25.0
2006-07 Orlando Hernandez 2-$12.0M
2005-06 Billy Wagner 4-$43.0M
2004-05 Carlos Beltran 7-$119.0M
2003-04 Kaz Matsui 3-$20.1M
2002-03 Tom Glavine 3-$35.0M
2001-02 Roger Cedeno 4-$18.0M
2000-01 Kevin Appier 4-$42.0M
1999-2000 Todd Zeile 3-$18.0M
1998-99 Robin Ventura 4-$32.0M
1997-98 John Olerud 2-$8.0M

In conclusion, if you take a look at all the big free agent acquisitions,  How many panned out for the Mets?

Olerud was a steal at 2 yrs, 8 Million. Ventura had one year of greatness,  after that not much.  Zeile got paid to be a adequate first basemen.  Appier only lasted one year in New York.  Roger Cedeno underachieved while making his 2nd tour in NY.   Glavine was consistent and pitched his innings.  Matsui only had one year of  decent play. Beltran has been consistent through his contract with the exception of his last two years. Wagner pitched through most of the first 3 years and then was hurt in year 4.  El Duque had one good year out of two. We all know how the Luis Castillo experiment has been working.  K-Rod has pitched up to his level so far with  1 KO  along the way.  Bay was hurt and it's too early to tell if that will be a continuing trend.

What do you think about the Mets being frugal? or  Are they being smart?

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