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Monday, January 17, 2011

Jets Success should inspire Mets

New York’s other football team, The Jets, have moved on to the AFC Championship and we still have yet to see New York’s other baseball team, The Mets, realize a similar success story since 2006. So what do the Jets have that the Mets don’t? 1. A New Stadium-Mets moved into their $900 million home, Citifield in 2009. X 2. Strong Defense-9 gold gloves between Wright (2) Castillo (3) Beltran (3) and Santana (1) It is defense which wins championships in the NFL while baseball teams rely on pitching and defense to dominate the Majors. Most of our gold glovers have gotten old or injured in the past few years and our D has suffered. √√ 3. Die Hard Fans-Mets fans are born not made. While the fair weather fans flock to the Bronx to see a show, the diehards tune into the Mets through good times and bad times. And we aren’t afraid to boo a player/coach/GM/owner/opposing team or umpire. Actually, at some point we probably did boo all of the above. Only out of love or utter disgust. Don't mind us when we say we've had it with the Mets. We aren't going anywhere. √- 4. A Blunt Coach- We had one of the best in Bobby Valentine and we were successful under him, clinching 2 wild card appearances and competing in a NY vs. NY World Series back in 2000. Time will tell if Terry Collins can light a fire under the Mets in 2011. 5. Cool Nicknames-The Amazin’s. When we complete triple plays, behind the back flips to first, dive into the stands for foul balls and win 20 inning marathon games-we are absolutely Amazin’. XX 6. Back Up of Bold Predictions- “We are the team to beat” – Beltran in 2008. We haven’t heard or seen much from our star center fielder since those comments were made and haven’t made the playoffs ever since. While the Mets are in a so called rebuilding year this season as the Jets were two years ago, its not difficult to imagine the possibilities of what may come. All we have to do is look at our New York brothers wearing the green uniforms in the NFL for some inspiration.

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  1. whether the coach is blunt to the media or not, he must be to the players, inspire them to suceed. Even during a lost, if the players are giving it their all, the die hard fans will appreciate that. AND WHY NOY BE BOLD. The rest of the league is already counting the Mets out, due to Santana being injured. Even though he is the ace, plenty of hope was provided by the remaining starters last year. Mets can sneak up on many teams in the first half of the season, specially with the win streaks started in Citifield.


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