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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Chris Capuano, The Next El Sid?

Capuano's mechanic breakdown
I just read a scouting report on LHP Chris Capuano , The latest Mets pick up. The one thing that stood out from the report was that he was compared to LHP Sid Fernandez, who was one of my favorite pitchers during the Mets glory days and a very good pitcher.

Capuano won't throw the ball bye-ya like El Sid did, but he uses the same approach. High and Tight CHEESE.  He only reaches 87-89 on the gun, but he is deceptive and hides the ball well. Makes his pitches look faster. Capuano's deception is a perfect 80/100 on the scale.

On top of that, he has a good change and slider which he will throw often.. .

Capuano hits super-aggressive spots in the zone, and pitches to miss bats. He usually has 7+ strikeout in a game because of  his herky-jerky style which throws batters off.

Scout on Capuano's Mechanics:

Sidearm good. Everything else, bad.
His CG accelerates down the CL, but in a super-jerky way -- he sort of stops for no reason, and then HURLS his hips forward like a fat kid trying to do situps.
He slings the ball instead of leveraging it. He muscles the ball. The decel is graceless. Taro won't like the high, inverted W.
It's no blinkin' accident he tops out at 88, is "effectively wild," and is hurt all the time. He's using strength to throw the ball, rather than leverage.
Read the entire report click here..

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