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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Phillies land Cliff Lee, Changes the Mets hopes and dreams

According to many sources by now, Cliff Lee is heading out to Philadelphia looking for his new found home. The Phillies have now a rotation that stacks way higher than anyone in the National East and most of Major League Baseball. Facing Halladay, Hammels, Lee, and don't forget about Oswalt will be tough for anyone,  even the Mets..

Joe Blanton their fifth starter appears be on the next flight somewhere, but he is not that good anyway.. The Red Sox reportedly have interest in him.

So what lies ahead for the Mets Fans?  Not much, but serious taunting by Phillies Fans and some Yankee Fans. The Yankee Fans are in awe over it and they are blaming Cashman for it.

Yankee Fans are so use to getting their way, it's disgusting. Next they will be saying they did not offer enough money. It's all about money with the Yanks Fans.

If you were Lee why would you not play for the Phillies?

You get to play with the rest of that rotation (for at least a couple of years) together and make some serious dollars for the next five or six years. You are also guaranteed to be in the playoffs (and maybe WS) for most of your contract, unless your hurt. If your hurt, at least they have good Philly Cheese Steaks and you make good money eating them...

The Mets seem to be in trouble, especially this year which looks more like a rebuilding year. With no Johan in the rotation until July and a lineup that has to be perfect with no health flaws, makes our chances bleak. Not  that its your fault Sandy,  just the cards that were dealt by Omar Minaya

The Mets look right now (on paper) like they will looking up at the rest of the division. Everyone in the NL East has done something significant to make their club better. Even the Marlins got  Javier Vazquez and the Nats got Werth.

But nothing in baseball is determined in December... The Mets maybe can sway Matt Garza deal?  -  The Philly Lee Empire will still be ahead.

Everything looks good on paper in December. It's just that the Mets are using recycled paper and the Phillies are using gold-leaf paper.

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